aida 間 あいだ

Noun meaning: in between, between, during, from... through, among, while.

The Japanese word "あいだ (aida)" is a versatile word that can mean various things depending on the context. In general, it is used to express the space between two things, the gap, the interval, or the time in between. Here are some common uses of the word "あいだ" with example sentences and English translations.

1. Followed by ni
aida ni tatte kudasai.
Please stand in between.

2. After noun +no, followed by
rusu no aida ni tanaka san ga tazunete kimashita.
Mr. Tanaka came to see you during your absence.

3. After noun + to + noun + no, followed by ni
yuubinkyoku wa eki to gakkou no aida ni arimasu.
The post office is between the station and the school.

4. After noun + kara + noun + made no
tooka kara juu go nichi made no aida yasumimasu.
I will take holidays from the 10th through the 15th.

5. After verb in the progressive tense, followed by ni
hon o yonde iru aida ni nemutte shimatta.
I fell asleep while I was reading a book.

6. After dictionary form of adjective, followed by ni
wakai aida ni motto benkyou shinasai.
Study more while you are young.

In conclusion, the Japanese word "あいだ" is a useful word that can express various things such as the space, gap, interval, or time in between. Understanding the context is key to knowing which meaning to use.