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Ni に

12:17 AM
Particle meaning: at, in, on, for, from, to, toward, per, in order to (do), and.  It also indicates the object of specific verbs, the indi...Read More

Ne ね

10:35 PM
Colloquial particle used for requesting agreement or confirmation from the hearer, or for softening the tone of a statement. It may functio...Read More


5:03 AM
Conjunction meaning: (why?)... because. Desu  may be put after kara  to end a sentence more politely, and the ba  after nazenaraba  may be...Read More

Naze なぜ

4:47 AM
Interrogatve adverb meaning: why. 1. In a question 「 なぜ 休んだのですか。」「かぜをひいたからです。」 "Naze yasunda no desu ka." "Kaze o hiita k...Read More

Nasai なさい

4:30 AM
Auxiliary verb used for making a strong, emphatic, or rude command form. The standard negative command form is made by adding na to the ...Read More

Naru なる

6:08 PM
Verb meaning: become, get, turn, come (grow) to, learn to. Naru is used with a word that describes the subject. 1. After (adjectival) n...Read More