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5:03 AM
Conjunction meaning: (why?)... because. Desu  may be put after kara  to end a sentence more politely, and the ba  after nazenaraba  may be...Read More

Naze なぜ

4:47 AM
Interrogatve adverb meaning: why. 1. In a question 「 なぜ 休んだのですか。」「かぜをひいたからです。」 "Naze yasunda no desu ka." "Kaze o hiita k...Read More

Nasai なさい

4:30 AM
Auxiliary verb used for making a strong, emphatic, or rude command form. The standard negative command form is made by adding na to the ...Read More

Naru なる

6:08 PM
Verb meaning: become, get, turn, come (grow) to, learn to. Naru is used with a word that describes the subject. 1. After (adjectival) n...Read More

Nara なら

1:33 PM
Particle meaning:  if, supposing…, on condition that…,  as for 1. after( addictable) noun in conditional clause 明日雨 なら ば延期します. Ashi...Read More

Nani 何

7:26 AM
Interrogative pronoun meaning: what. 1. Used as subject この袋には 何 が入っていますか。 Kono fukuro ni wa nani ga haitte imasu ka. What is in this ba...Read More

Nan なん

2:10 PM
Interrogative adjective meaning: what, how many, several, a few, many. Nan is a euphonically changed form of nani and is used to modify a ...Read More