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Shika しか

2:31 AM
Particle (used with a negative) meaning: nothing/nobody/nowhere but…, no more than…, no other than…, only Note that though a negative verb i...Read More

o tooshite を通して

7:46 PM
Formal adverbial phrase meaning: through (some method) 1. After noun 私たちの 調査 を通して 色々なことが分かってきた。 Watashi tachi no chousa o tooshite ...Read More

oru おる

7:46 PM
Formal verb that can be substituted for iru. The polite form, orimasu, is used to show humbleness on the speaker’s part, while the respec...Read More

Oki ni おきに

7:46 PM
Phrase meaning at intervals of 1. After noun 私は家で 1日 おきに お酒を飲みます。 Watashi wa uchi de ichi nichi oki ni osake o nomimasu. I drink ...Read More