oru おる

Formal verb that can be substituted for iru.
The polite form, orimasu, is used to show humbleness on the speaker’s part, while the respectful form, oraremasu, is used to show respect to another.

1. Used for expressing existence
「山田さんは家におられますか。」 「いい、え今おりませんが。」
“Yamada-san wa uchi ni oraremasu ka.” ”Iie, ima orimasen ga.”
“Is Mr. Yamada at home?” ”No, he is out now.”
(The question shows respect, and the response humbleness)

2. After te-form of verb
Shachou wa ima dekakete orimasu.
The boss is out now.
(Speaking to another about one’s own boss)

Ni ji ni iriguchi de matte orimasu.
I’ll be waiting for you at two o’clock at the entrance.

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