Are あれ

Demonstrative noun meaning: that, those, it.
It refers to an object or objects far from both the speaker and the hearer.
The polite form is あちら achira, which also means ''that person'' or ''that direction''. あれ are becomes anoあの before a noun it modifies.
Moreover, it becomes asoko あそこ when expressing ''that place over there''.
1. Followed by particle
<<are wa nan desu ka>>. <<Are wa nihon no matsuri desu.>>
What is that? It is a Japanese festival.
achira ni tsuitara denwa o kudasai.
Please call me when you get there!
<<achira wa donata desu ka>>.<<Yamamoto san desu.>>
Who is that person? She is Ms. Yamamoto.
ginkou wa ano tatemono no tonari desu.
The bank is next to that building over there.
(NOTE: are becomes ano when used as an adjective)
toire wa asoko ni arimasu.
The restroom is over there.
(NOTE: are becomes asoko when used as an adjective)
watashi no ie wa asoko desu.
My house is over there.
-> See also kore, sore