Datte だって

Informal particle or conjunction (usually used by women and children) meaning: but, because, also, even

1. At the beginning of sentence
(in answer to a question)
<Ikitakunai no?> <Datte tsukarete iru n da mono.>
<You don’t want to go?> <Because I’m tired.>
(in reply to an imperative)
<Mou neru jikan desu yo.> <Datte nemukunai n da mono.>
<It’s time you want to bed.> <But I’m not sleepy.>

2. After noun
Kanemochi datte fukouna toki mo aru.
Even rich people are unhappy sometimes.
<Anna koto wa iya da.> <Watashi datte iya da.>
<I hate such things.> <I do, too.>

3. Used with interrogative pronoun
(dare, nan, and doko + date mean everybody, everything, and everywhere respectively)
Dare datte sore ni wa okorimasu.
Everybody gets angry at that.
Kare wa supoutsu nara nan datte dekimasu.
If it’s sports, he can play everything.

-> See also demo