Doumo どうも

Informal word meaning: hello, good-bye, thank you, sorry, very (much), somehow, just

1. Used in greetings
<<Yaa.>> <<Yaa, doumo.>>
<<Hi.>> <<Hi, how are you.>> (Glad to meet you.)
<<Kore de shitsurei shimasu.>> <<Doumo.>>
<<I’m leaving now.>> <<Good-bye.>>

2. Used to express thanks
<<Osaki ni douzo.>> <<Kore wa doumo.>>
<<Please go ahead.>> (After you.) <<Oh, thanks.>>

3. Used to express apology
<<Itai.>> <<A, doumo. Daijoubu desuka.>>
<<Ouch.>> <<Oh, sorry. Are you all right?>>
(sumimasen <I’m sorry> is dropped after doumo)

4. Used as adverb
Okurete doumo sumimasen.
I’m very sorry to be late.
Goshinsetsu doumo arigatou gozaimasu.
Thank you very much for your kindness.

5. Used with negative
Anata no iu koto ga doumo wakarimasen.
I just can’t understand what you say.
Doumo ano hito wa ki ni iranai.
Somehow I don’t like that person.

-> See also: doushitemo