hazu desu はずです

Phrase meaning: be supposed/expected to (do), be sure to (do), ought to (do)

1. After dictionary form of verb/adjective
Kare wa mou tsuku hazu desu.
He is supposed to arrive here soon.
Kono kamera wa motto yasui hazu desu.
This camera ought to be much cheaper.

2. After ta-form of verb/adjective
Sou itta hazu da.
I'm sure I told you that.

3. After (adjectival) noun + na/no
Koko wa anzenna hazu desu.
This place ought to be safe.
Kanojo wa byouki no hazu desu.
I'm sure she is sick.

4. After nai-form of verb/adjective
Kanojo wa sonna koto o shinai hazu desu.
I don't expect that she is going to do such a thing.
-> See also: hazu ga nai