kata かた 方

Suffix meaning: how to (do), way/method of (doing)

1. After conjunctive form of verb
Kana no kakikata o oshiete kudasai.
Please teach me how to write kana.
(the object of the verb kaku ''kana カナ'' must be indicated by no , since the object of the main verb oshieru 教える ''kakikata 書き'' is already indicated by o )

Nihongo no benkyou no shikata ga wakarimasen.
I don't how to study Japanese.
(shikata 仕方, the conjunctive form of suru する + kata , is always preceded by noun + no )

(the dictionary form of verb + houhou 方法 also expresses ''how to [do]''; object of the verb before houhou方法 must be indicated by o )
Konpyuutaa o sousa suru houhou o oshiete kudasai.
Please teach me how to operate the computer.