na な

Particle meaning: never (do), don't (do), how I wish

It also has the following functions: seeking agreement to the preceding statement, making exclamatory sentences, or making rude affirmative commands. When used with yokumo it means ''how dare...''

1. After dictionary form of verb
Sonna baka-na koto wa suru na.
Don't do such stupid things.
(The negative command with na is not polite; however, putting yo after na makes it more friendly)
Sonna baka-na koto wa suru na yo.

2. After ta-form of verb, with yokumo
Yokumo sonna koto ga ieta na.
How dare you say such a thing?

3. After plain copula da
(used only in informal speech)
Are wa jouji no kuruma da na.
That's George's car, isn't it?

4. After conjunctive form of verb
(rude affirmative command form)
Hayaku kina.
Hurry up and get over here!

5. After conditional clause
(the final naa is prolonged)
Motto o-kane ga areba naa.
How I wish I had more money!

6. After dictionary form of verb/adjective
(informal and uses a prolonged naa)
Kore wa takai naa.
How expensive this is!
Yoku taberu naa.
You eat a lot!
-> See also: kudasai, nasai

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