hoshii ほしい

Adjective meaning: want, want (someone) to, would like (someone) to

The subject is usually the 1st person in declarative sentences, and the 2nd person in questions. However, when hoshii is followed by garu, the 3rd person subject must be used.

1. After object noun + ga
Watashi wa totemo bideo kamera ga hoshii desu.
I want a video camera very much.
Nani ga hoshii no desu ka.
What do you want?

2. After te-form of verb
Chotto tetsudatte hoshii no desu ga.
I want you to help me for a while.
Tanjoubi purezento ni konpyuutaa o katte hoshii no desu.
I want you to buy me a computer as a birthday present.
-> See also: ga (1), garu, morau