hou ga ii 方がいい ほうがいい

Phrase expressing a suggestion or advice, meaning: it would be better to (do), you had better (do)

When speaking to a person of higher status or in an indirect manner, it is better to add to omoimasu と思います「とおもいます」(I think) to the end of the phrase.

1. After dictionary form of verb
(more direct than when following ta-form)
Kanojo ni ayamaru hou ga ii.
It is better to apologize to her.

2. After ta-form of verb
Kyou wa kasa o motte itta hou ga ii.
You had better take along an umbrella today.
Mou yameta hou ga ii to omoimasu.
I think it would be better for you to give it up.

3. After nai-form of verb
Soko e wa ikanai hou ga ii desu yo.
It really would be better for you not to go there.
-> See also: hou