Shika しか

Particle (used with a negative) meaning: nothing/nobody/nowhere but…, no more than…, no other than…, only

Note that though a negative verb is used in Japanese, the English equivalent does not always require one.

1. After subject/object

(used in place of the particle which indicates the subject/object)


Youko shita yakusoku no jikan ni konakatta.

Nobody but Yoko came at the appointed time.


Maiku wa yasai shika tabemasen.

Mike eats nothing but vegetables.

2. After number + counter


Toukyou ni wa ikkai shika itta koto ga arimasen.

I’ve only been to Tokyo once.


Watashi wa san nin shika nihon no yuujin ga imasu.

I have no more than three Japanese friends.


Ima ni sen en shika okane o motte imasen.

I only have two thousand yen now.

3. After particle


Kyou wa roku ji ni shika aemasen.

Today I can meet you at no other time except six.


Koko kara shika deraremasen.

You can go out only from here.


Kono taipu no rajio wa ano mise de shika utte imasen.

Radios of this type are sold nowhere but at this store.

4. After dictionary form of verb


Koko de matsu shika arimasen.

There is nothing to do but wait here.

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