kureru くれる

Verb meaning: give (something), do (something) for, do a favor by doing (something), let (me) be satisfied with doing (something).
Kureru is used to express the ''giving'' of something to the speaker or to his/her family member. The first person is never the subject. Kudasaru may be substitued with persons of higher status or to whom the speaker wishes to show respect.

1. After object noun + o
Kanojo wa watashi no tanjoubi ni suteki-na purezento o kuremashita.
She gave me a nice present for my birthday.
(the recipient can be the 2nd person with the past tense verb or in a simple question)
Kare wa denwa o kuremashita ka.
Did he give a call?

2. After te-form of verb
Kanojo ga oishii ryouri o tsukutte kuremashita.
She prepared a delicious dish for me.
Dare ga tetsudatte kuremashita ka.
Who helped you?
Pen o kashite kuremasen ka.
Would you kindly lend me your pen?
Sensei ga teinei ni nihongo o oshiete kudasaimasu.
The teacher teaches me Japanese respectfully.
(kudasaru shows respect toward the teacher)
-> See also: ageru, kudasai, morau