morau もらう

Verb meaning: get, be given, receive, have something (done), get (somebody) to (do something), get benefit (from somebody doing something)

The subject is usually the first person or his/her family member, but can also be the second person in question. The potential form, moraeru, is often used in question. The respectful form, itadaku, or its potentianal form, itadakeru, is used instead of morau when receiving something from someone of higher status or to whom the speaker wishes to show respect.

1. After object noun + o
Amerika ni iru yuujin kara tegami o moraimashita.
I got a letter from my friend in America.
(kara may be replaced by ni)
''Kono katarogu o moraemasu ka.'' ''Douzo.''
''Could I get this catalog?'' ''Sure.''

2. After te-form of verb
Yuujin kara o-kane o kashite moraimashita.
I was lent some money by a friend.
Sensei ni sakubun o mite itadakimashita.
I had my composition looked through by the teacher.
Minna ni kyoushitsu o souji shite moraimasu.
I will get you all to clean the classroom.
Kare ni tetsudatte moratta.
I got benefit from his helping me. (He kindly helped me.)
Sono hon o misete moraemasu ka.
Can I get you to show me the book?
(compare the above first person subject with the following second person subject:)
Sono hon o misete kuremasu ka.
Will you show me the book?
(the subject ''you'' does the favor for subject ''me'')

3. Used with tai-form
Kare ni sore o shite moraitai to omoimasu.
I think I want to get him to do that.
-> See also: ageru, itadaku, kureru

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