Ne ね

Colloquial particle used for requesting agreement or confirmation from the hearer, or for softening the tone of a statement.
It may function as an English tag question or may be used after any word in a sentence in order to call the listener's attention to it.

1. At the end of declarative sentence
"Kyou wa tenke ga totemo ii desu ne." "Sou desu ne."
"The weather is nice today, isn't it?" "Yes, it is."
Honda san mo ikimasu ne.
You're going too, Mr. Honda, aren't you?

2. After nasai/kudasai
Zehi paatii ni kite kudasai ne.
By all means please come to our party, OK?

3. After any elements of sentence
Dakara ne, motto ne ganbatte hoshii n desu yo.
That's why, you know, I want you to work/study harder.

-> See also: yo

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