Ni oite において

Adverbial phrase (generally used in formal language) meaning: in, at, on, as for.
It is used in this form when modifying a verb and becomes ni okeru before a noun it modifies.
1. After noun expressing location
Nana kai no hiroma ni oite kangeikai o okonaimasu.
We will give a reception in the hall on the seventh floor.
Nihon ni okeru gijutsu kakushin wa memagurushikatta.
The technological revolution in Japan has happened very rapidly.

2. After noun expressing criterion/domain
Nouryoku ni oite kare wa hoka no gakusei ni masarimasu.
As for ability, he surpasses the other students.
Sono shinamono wa hinshitsu ni oite mondai ga aru.
As for quality, there are problems with these goods.

-> See also: de, ni

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