Ni yotte によって

Adverbial phrase meaning: by (an agent), because of, due to, by means of, according to. 

Note that it takes a passive verb. It can be replaced with the more formal ni yori, and becomes ni yoru (which does not take a passive verb) before a noun it modifies. 

1. After noun 

Sono shousetsu wa natsume souseki ni yotte kakareta. 
The novel was written by Soseki Natsume. 

Shokuba de no kitsuen wa kisoku ni yotte kinshi sarete imasu. 
Smoking at the office is prohibited by regulation. 

Shiai wa ooame ni yotte chuushi sareta. 
The game was called off due to a heavy rain. 

Demo wa buryoku ni yotte chin´atsu sareta. 
The demonstration was quelled by means of force. 

2. Used in adjectival phrase

Kare ni yoru hanashi wa shinjigatai. 
Talk from him is hard to believe. (What he says is difficult to believe.) 

-> See also: de, o toushite, tame ni

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